Whose Fans are the Best?

Let’s get one thing clear, pretty much everyone in our Fancards HQ is a massive college sports fan. And inevitably, when not debating which team is the best, the very next discussion is whose fans are the best. What does best mean, though? Is it fan base size? School size? Or is it based on how engaged your fellow fans are or their level of loyalty?

While we think all of our Fancards school have incredible fans, today we’re going to try to highlight the Top 5 Most Passionate Fan Bases we’ve seen so far in our time producing The Official Prepaid Card and Gift Card of College Sports™. Let’s start with #5 and work towards #1. Ready?


We start with one of the most hotly-contested spots in our rankings. (Seriously, you could make a pretty strong case for almost any of our schools not in the top 5 to slip in right here). The slight edge here though goes to the Longhorns, whose fans have been reinvigorated over the last few years with the arrival of men’s basketball head coach Shaka Smart, football head coach Tom Herman, and athletic director Chris Del Conte. Down in Austin, the Horns have one of the biggest athletics budgets in the country that is in large part due to the sheer size and support of their fan base. And with such a massive following, we figured we’d offer two Texas Fancards, one orange and one white! Now if Texas and Texas A&M could just bring the Lone Star Showdown back…

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From one UT to another, the Vols are the first SEC school on the list in the #4 spot. Your own personal feelings about that bright orange aside, if you’ve ever been to Neyland Stadium on a Saturday afternoon in the fall, it’s pretty hard to doubt the passion of the Vols faithful. Boasting a fan base that encompasses the state and then some, here’s hoping UT fans will have some quality football to cheer for in the near future. Also, check out that Smokey holding his own Fancard below! (Love the card? Get it here!)

T-3 – Florida & Florida State

Oh good, surely there won’t be any controversy about the decision to rank these rivals together…The only way to make two fan bases mad at once is to basically say they’re tied, but it was pretty tough for us to justify choosing one of these Sunshine State schools over the other. The Gators have one of the most robust social followings in college sports, over 1.6 million followers on their athletics facebook page alone. Meanwhile, the Seminoles bring arguably the biggest and best fan base in the ACC to the table. This is what makes the annual Florida-Florida State rivalry so entertaining on and off the playing field. Bleed orange and blue? Then your card is here. Prefer the ‘Noles? Then you’ll love FSU’s Fancard.


Home to the some of the winningest and most historical athletics programs in college sports, Michigan fans will tell you they are the class of the Big 10, and it’s difficult to disagree. Samford University’s College Football Relevance Rankings, which measure the biggest brands in college football based on fans social media engagement, put Michigan at #2 in the country, and the Wolverines only went 8-5 on the football field last year! The only prepaid card for the Wolverines looks fantastic, and it’s right here! The only team ranked above them in those Relevance Rankings? The #1 team on our list…


Of course, it’s the Crimson Tide in the top spot (said with a groan or with glee, depending on your viewpoint). Love ’em or hate ’em, Alabama has become ubiquitous with college football dominance and general athletics excellence over the last decade. Their passionate fan base extends well beyond the Yellowhammer State’s borders, and at least for now, the Tide faithful occupy the #1 spot in our inaugural fan base rankings.

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