Manage Money

Managing money is made easy with Fancard’s online portal. It allows you to budget your spending, receive transaction alerts, and pay bills online. The Fancard portal allows you to keep all your money management tools in one place making it easier and quicker to keep yourself accountable. Since you can only spend as much as you load onto your Fancard, you will never overdraft. Using your prepaid Fancard for day-to-day purchases allow you to monitor how much you spend, what you spend it on, and where you spend it.

Managing money is also made easier by receiving transaction alerts. You can get a text notification every time the card is used. Each notification text will alert you of where the can was used and for how much it was charged for. This will allow you to keep track of individual spending, as well as monitor others spending that have the card. This is perfect for managing your kids money that might be using the Fancard as their method of payment.

On the Fancard online portal you are also able to pay bills online. You are able to set up auto draft payments or log on and pay them yourself with your prepaid card for any monthly bills you may have. This allows you to pay your monthly recurring bills directly from your Fancard account.