How your family can budget like a national championship team

Listen, we get it. In the chaos of everyday life, with all the daily activities and events, it can be hard to keep a family on budget. But don’t worry, we’ve got a way to help! Fancards sub-cards are one of the best ways to keep track of every transaction across multiple cards. In fact, here are three ways sub-cards are built to keep your family’s finances on track!

1. Up to 5 Sub-cards, with any team

Once you’ve ordered a Fancards primary card (available at, you have the ability to order up to 5 sub-cards that connect to your account. These cards can be for any team and any card design, no matter which primary card you have, and you can name the cards whatever you like! Want a sub-card dedicated for Grocery shopping? Create a sub-card called “Groceries” in seconds. Need a sub-card for your child? Put their name on a sub-card and have it delivered to you, with no other personal information needed. With Fancards sub-cards, you can build your cards around how you want to budget.

2. Transaction Alerts

Another benefit of sub-cards is the ability to track every transaction made by every card, almost instantly. If you’d like, text alerts can be delivered to your phone for any or all card activity. Or, you can easily review every transaction on each card connected to your account in the Fancard Mobile Banking app, available on both iOS and Android. See a potential fraudulent transaction, or spending you don’t like? Quickly disable any of your sub-cards with the click of button in the app. Basically, you’re always on top of your card or cards’ activity.

3. Controlled Access

Not only can you review all sub-card transactions quickly, but you can also schedule periodic loads to sub-cards of your choice, perfect for weekly or monthly allowances. Or, you can load and unload a sub-card any time from your primary card, instantly! Plus, sub-cards do not have ATM access, so you never have to worry about a child or other family member taking cash off of their card. Just another way Fancards keeps you in control.

In short, sub-cards are a fantastic budgeting tool across spending categories, families, and more. And even better, there’s no additional monthly fee for sub-cards! Whether you have one card or five, your monthly fee stays the same. So what are you waiting for? Add more plays to your financial playbook with Fancards sub-cards, and as always, thanks for being a Fancards cardholder.

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