Our team at Fancards is thrilled to announce that we have officially launched our revolutionary new app! Loaded with features and compatible with both iOS and Android devices, let us show you why the game-changing card in your wallet just got a game-changing companion on your mobile devices.Fancard- Mobile Banking App


Next Level Money Management

Managing your money should be easy. That’s why we designed the Fancards app to be one of the most intuitive, clean, and organized financial apps cardholders have ever used. Everything you need to keep track of your finances is available at your fingertips. From initiating a card-to-card transfer, to connecting your Fancard to one of thousands of banks and financial institutions, to disabling a lost or stolen card at the touch of a button, the Fancards app makes sure that you call the plays that lead to financial peace of mind.

Multiple Ultimate Fans, One Account

One of the most exciting new features the Fancards app introduces is the ability to add multiple cardholders to any primary Fancard account. Need a simple way to give an allowance to a child or relative? Great, you can add them to your account in less than five minutes, and immediately transfer money to their card. Plus, you can schedule automatic loads to their card on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

But what if you want to split your budget into different categories, with a card for each spending category? Simply set up different cards under your account with different scheduled deposit amounts, and your good to go! Basically, bucket budgeting just got way better, a major improvement to your financial game plan.

From the Stadium to the Store, Pay with Your Phone

With your Fancard, your fandom already lives in your physical wallet. But thanks to the Fancards app, your team pride now extends to your mobile wallet as well! Each new Fancard now comes with a digital Fancard in the app, available as soon as you sign up. Your digital Fancard connects seamlessly to Apple Pay, PayPal, and a host of other digital payment solutions you can use on an everyday basis. So whether you’re in line for popcorn at the stadium or picking up tailgating supplies at the grocery store, you can use your Fancard with just a tap of your mobile device. And don’t worry Samsung Pay users, Fancard compatibility is coming soon!

In the new Fancards app, we’ve unveiled plenty of five-star features combined with the thing that makes us most unique, your fandom. We know our ultimate fans will enjoy this latest addition to the Fancard experience, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned next. But for now, welcome to the Fancards app.