Meet the new and improved Fancards Mobile Banking App


Hi fans, we hope your 2020 is off to a great start! Ours is, and it’s about to get even better, because today, we’re officially launching the newest edition of the Fancards Mobile Banking App! It’s loaded with improvements both big and small, but below, we’ll take you through what we think are the top 4 biggest changes. Ready?

1. App Makeover & Android Update

iPhone running the Fancard Mobile Banking App v2.0
Android is neck and neck! Both platforms run v2.0 beautifully

Included in this latest edition of the Fancards Mobile Banking App is a whole new redesign to your cardholder experience. Say hello to a colorful, concise, and more user-friendly interface. Plus, the app now moves faster than ever, so moving through the Fancards app is both easy and efficient, no matter which phone you’re using.

2. Easier Direct Deposit

It’s never been easier to find your direct deposit information, giving you the chance to set up a direct deposit with your employer or benefits provider, and more, in seconds.

3. Alert Improvements

Want to stay on top of your transactions?

Now, there’s even more ways to stay in the loop about your card (or cards) activity. First, you can enable push notifications for each card on your account. Then, you can set up text alerts to be delivered to your phone, or a different number, perfect for monitoring sub-cards in seconds.

4. Enhanced Card Controls

We want to make managing your funds and using your card as easy as possible. So, the new home screen has been redesigned to give you quicker access to as many card actions as possible. Want to disable a lost card? Access your direct deposit information? Find a cash loading location? Now, all of those options and more are just a click away.

These four things are just a small glimpse into the new experience in the Fancards Mobile Banking App. So stay in the game and download the app for the first time today, or install the latest update, and let us know what you think! Thanks for being a fan of Fancards.

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