How to Load Your Fancard

We’ve got the playbook, now you call the play! Choose below how you want to load your Fancard and keep feeding your Fandom!

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient way to consistently load your Fancard, and the setup is quick and easy. All you need is your Fancard’s routing and account numbers, which you can access any time in your Fancards account or on the Fancards app.

Reload with Cash

Cash loading offers a flexible option for fans across the country to quickly add funds to their Fancard. Simply find one of thousands of Reload @ the Register locations nearest you to get started.

Mobile Cashed Check Load

Deposit funds from approved checks. All you need is your Fancard and the InGo Money App, available for both iOS and Android.

Card to Card Transfer

Fancards lets you move funds from one Fancard to another in real time, for no additional fee! Pay back a friend at the game, send an allowance to a child who has a sub-card, and more.

Bank Transfer

Your Fancards account can connect with hundreds of financial institutions across the country, from big banks to local credit unions. Easily transfer funds to your Fancard or sub-cards from a bank account, either once or on a recurring basis.

Digital Wallet

Use your Fancard online, on-the-go, and in apps with seamless connection to all of your digital wallets. To link your Fancard click “Add a Bank Account” and input your Fancard’s routing and account numbers.