It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

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True fandom typically revolves around two things. First, the team you love. Second? The team you love to hate. Sometimes you’re not even actually sure why you hate a particular team. You just do, like your brother, or dad, or mom, or grandparent did before you. Welcome to the concept of rivalry, and it’s the long-standing rivalries that drive so much of what we love about college sports.

Today, we rank our top 5 favorite rivalries featuring our Fancards schools. The one ground rule to keep in mind: Each side of the rivalry must be a Fancard school (sorry, Iron Bowl, Red River Showdown, etc.)

With that said, let’s get ranking! We start with #5:

5) Ole Miss-Mississippi State

Our countdown begins in the deep south with the Battle for the Golden Egg, or as it’s been referred to since 1977, the Egg Bowl. Played annually the weekend after Thanksgiving, these two teams have met to play on the gridiron 114 times. And this fierce rivalry extends far beyond the football field into the everyday lives of a proud state. For proof, just check out the social media followings for each school. They love to delight in their team’s wins, but perhaps more so in the missteps of their rivals.

4) Michigan-Michigan State

Next up, the rivalry home to perhaps the coolest trophy on this list, the Paul Bunyan Trophy, Michigan vs. Michigan State. First played in 1898 on the football field, and 1909 on the basketball court, each school boasts a proud history in college athletics. And while Michigan may boast the slightly bigger fan base, it’s been the Spartans who have enjoyed the most recent head-to-head success in the fall, winning 8 of the last 10 overall meetings and producing awesome moments like this one.

3) Alabama-Tennessee

The rivalry so storied in tradition it’s got a permanent spot on the calendar as its name, The Third Saturday in October. Alabama and Tennessee occupy separate sides of the two SEC divisions, but their annual meeting has been kept intact and played every season since 1928. Throughout the mid-1900s, the Volunteers took control of the series behind a perennial top 15 program. More recently, however, it’s been the Crimson Tide that lit up victory cigars, as Alabama has won 11 straight.

2) Texas-Texas A&M

The Lone Star Showdown has a pretty strong case for being #1 on this list, and probably would have been…if the two schools still played. Two of the oldest universities in the state of Texas have battled on the football field 118 times, but the last one came in the fall of 2011 and was discontinued after Texas A&M announced it was leaving the Big 12 conference for the SEC. Currently, both sides have resumed playing on the baseball diamond so here’s to hoping that annual matchups on the basketball court and football field are soon to follow.

T-1) Florida-FSU; FSU-Miami

Kind of a cop-out to have two rivalries tie for first place, but it was hard to include one Sunshine State battle without the other. And make no mistake, each matchup has produced fantastic college football drama. FloridaFlorida State represents another Thanksgiving weekend rivalry with an impressive history, including an 11 year stretch from 1990 to 2000 where each side was ranked inside the Top 10 in the country. Meanwhile, Florida StateMiami has featured particularly heated battles, with 4 iterations of “Wide Right” kicking mishaps, and 4 consecutive meetings decided by one score or less, including last season’s.

That’s the definitive list of Fancards rivalries for now! Don’t worry, as we add new schools, we’ll be sure to debate and update our top 5 as needed. For more information on Fancards and the awesome things we’re doing, just follow our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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