Custom Solutions For Business

Fancards Payment Solutions gives business organizations of all sizes an expense management platform to distribute funds to custom debit cards quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for per-diems, expenses, and more.

Event Management


Businesses of all types and sizes have a wide range of expenses to manage and, oftentimes, no single expense management solution. Many small to medium-sized businesses manage their non-payroll expenses with an ad-hoc compilation of services, paper checks and cash. That gets expensive, adds security risks and increases the amount of paper for receipts, approvals and more.


Fancards provides a fully customized expense management platform powered by its prepaid Mastercard products to make payments easier, faster for businesses of all types and sizes to streamline their day-to-day needs and run more smoothly.

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Admin Features

  • Admin Hierarchy for Security Control. 
  • Instantly Make Bulk Payments.
  • Automated Reporting for Accounting.
  • Create Payment Notes to Stay Organized.
  • Bulk Payments Make Tracking Easier.

Cardholder Features

  • Rep Your Brand Anywhere MC is Accepted. 
  • ATM Access Nationwide.
  • Apple Wallet / Google Wallet.
  • Immediately Lock Lost or Stolen Card.
  • Track Spending through the Fancards App.

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