Create Fancard Prepaid Mastercard® sub-cards for teens, students, rivals, family, or for yourself.

1. What Are Sub-Cards?

A sub-card is a Fancard Prepaid Mastercard that is connected to your primary Fancard account. Cardholders use sub-cards to share an account with family members, distribute allowances, budget by category, and more. Creating an additional card on your primary account is quick and hassle-free, both through the Fancards App and online in your Fancards account.

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2. Sub-Cards for the Whole Team

Give someone else access to a sub-card by having them register their very own sub-card. They will gain access to their own Fancards App and be able to keep track of their balance and spending. Sub-cards are a great way to give allowances, small rewards, and more to children and family members. Easily transfer funds to and from cards on your primary account.

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3. Sub-cards for Personal Budgeting

Made famous by Dave Ramsey and other personal finance experts, the “Envelope System” instructs people to budget out their spending by category or “buckets” each month by putting cash in labeled envelopes.

Now, fans can do the same thing on their specially labeled sub-cards! Simply give new cards names like “Groceries,” “Entertainment,” etc. and easily track each transaction by card and category.

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4. The Sub-Card Playbook

You can load your sub-cards in real time from your primary Fancard or a linked bank account with just a few clicks!

Stay on top of spending linked to your account by subscribing to text alerts*.

You can disable any of your sub-cards anytime, for any reason. To disable online, go to sub-cards, then select the card you would like to disable, then select “disable sub”

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